Since 1948 De Vlamboog is an established name in the world of welding. As a producer and as a trading house, Vlamboog supplies welding accessories and personal protective equipment to importers and resellers in more than 40 countries. At the end of the nineties De Vlamboog started the production of MultiVision welding helmets. Vlamboog is known worldwide as an A-brand manufacturer of welding accessories, electrode holders, couplings and gouge rods. Internationally we serve importers and dealers in many dozens of countries and partly due to our private label production for larger trading houses and welding machine manufacturers, Vlamboog products can be found on all continents. Since the merger of De Vlamboog with Intersafe's Trade department, you now also have access to a full range of personal protective equipment.

From now on we operate under the name Vlamboog B.V.


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